Patrick Nagel at Bergen Galleries framed Serigraph Print

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Maybe you know Patrick Nagel from Duran Duran’s Rio, or maybe you’ve seen some of his Playboy paintings (don’t worry…we won’t judge). No matter the place, we’re sure you’re familiar with the iconic Nagel Women. 

The Nagel Women are usually very fashionable women, donning stark black hair, a bold lip color, and alluring eyes. Of these women, Elena G. Millie–curator of the poster collection at the Library of Congress–writes, “Nagel was influenced by the Japanese woodblock print, with figures silhouetted against a neutral background with strong areas of black and white, and with bold line and unusual angles of view…”

Nagel’s simple use of color and lines to create such complex images of women are reminiscent of the art deco movement of the 1920s and 30s which emphasized the use of geometric shapes and lines to yield simple but decorative pieces of artwork. 

This print measures 45” high by 33.5” wide and is matted in a black frame with minimal wear. The print itself is in wonderful–near perfect–condition. 

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