Calamity, HD Direct Metal Print by Ray Caesar

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Ray Caesar’s digital surrealist works gather inspiration not just from surrealists like Kahlo or Dali, but from his time working in a children’s hospital in Toronto. Of his time working there, Caesar recalls:

They were years that I will never forget, years of witnessing great sadness but also great miracles…It is so clear to me that this is the birthplace of all my imagery. It is appropriate that I now live my dreams for those that didn’t get a chance to live theirs…to do otherwise would be a sin”. 

Caesar creates fantastical pieces of art in three dimensional modeling software but gathers his ideas and inspirations from a number of sources. His sculpted models are overlaid with various textures ranging from the petals of flowers to raw materials like wood or metal, or–more interestingly–human skin. He says that these textures each “have a different story in [his] collection” and are often derived from his own world. Each one of his works is endlessly fascinating with immersive landscapes and endless layers to inspect and reinspect…even ones that are hidden from viewer’s eyes such as the inside of books or drawers in which Caesar devotes time to fill each, before applying the final layer that shields its contents from the outside world. 

Caesar says that the three dimensional space he creates within works and then houses within his computer are equally fascinating and haunting as parts of his worlds are hidden away, with only him harnessing the knowledge that they exist at all. Calamity measures 38.5"H x 60"W and is mounted on a sturdy metal frame, ready to be displayed. 

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