Does Remix Market NYC buy furniture or accept donations?

We do not accept any donations from the general public. All our donations are provided by the Junkluggers (those green trucks that visit us), our sibling company, to whom we are fiercely loyal.  


But I have cool s**t! Can I be an exception?

Still no! We recommend Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, or many of the other thrift shops across the five boroughs that will accept your items. We are in an ethically monogamous relationship with Junkluggers.  


Are items available to buy from the website? 

We don’t sell online because everything is secondhand! All items are sold in person, in-store only, and final sale. We think it’s important you see items you purchase with your physical real eyes!


When do you get new inventory? What’s the best day to come shopping?

Every. Single. Day. Lord help us. Every day is a good day to come by the shop as we are open 7 days a week!


Do you do holds/reserves? 

No! (However, we do hold items once purchased for up to 48 hours. Speaking of which...)


Do you offer delivery? 

We have a list of trusted outside vendors that start around $70 dollars and go up from there. Our staff at the front desk are happy to assist you further in-store! 

Uber XL and Lyft are also helpful resources for smaller items, like end tables and chairs, that you don’t want to squeeze onto our harmonious metro system.   

Not a fan of technology? We also suggest Sunnyside Car Service (718-507-2600) for that authentic New Yorker experience!


I bought an item and decided I don’t like it. Can I return it?

Nope! All sales are final at Remix! Once you purchase, the item is yours to keep and yours to handle. Kind of like choosing to have a kid, furniture is an investment. No takebacks!


Are there any items you do not carry?

We do not carry beds, bed frames, mattresses, or electronics. Several staff members were bullied by mattresses as teenagers, so we’ve sworn them off ever since.


What about . . . (whispers) bed bugs?

Junkluggers inspect all donations before they come to the shop. If any donation is suspected or comes from a dirty home, they are sent straight to the garbage heap.


Where are you located?

Remix Market NYC is located at 10-39 44th Drive Queens, NY in Long Island City. 

The closest trains are the E, M, 7 & G stopping at Court Square. Parking is scarce because LIC is designed like a post-industrial play place. 

You can also easily find us on Google Maps! Remix Market NYC


Where’s the entrance??

Are you outside looking at our FAQ right now?? It’s the green door kindly labeled customer entrance! Please don’t go through our loading gate, it’s dark and full of terrors in there!


Can I request items for my classroom or nonprofit?

We love helping 501c3’s, schools, and other community organizations!! Non-profit pickups are available M-F by appointment only. 

To make an appointment, send an email here: [email protected].


Why is your staff so good-looking?

Coffee, genetics, and mutual body-positivity. 


What is your stance on Harry Styles?